Future of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Future of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics has strongly controlled the world in the 21st century. Computers, software making easy for everyday tasks, and it is impossible to imagine how we depend on them. When we think about this, what will be the future world? In the future what will the world of work look like? The next generation of robots utilizing artificial intelligence will replace human workers and alter the job market with this considered unthinkable economic structures, job profiles and well-established working time will undergo major changes.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Particularly in the industrial sectors, high-labour cost works by using robots. The production of robots leads to a savings in the cost of labour and products, also working hours and production robots are cheaper than workers.

An autonomous system does not depend on external factors, it works reliably and constantly does not need rest and it works 24/7, and it can work even in dangerous areas. Its accuracy is greater than that of humans and also better efficiency and performance.

In the coming years employees can be replaced by robotics. Current jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree can be worked by machines or intelligent software in the coming years. individual jobs will disappear completely, and new types of jobs and techniques will come into being.

What Are The Benefits of Robots in future?

Artificial intelligent machines can support life saving functions also , the current COVID-19 pandemic has shown that healthcare facilities such as hospitals are exposed to threats such as viruses that can affect enormously so robots used in medical diagnostics too.

Professional Service Robots are very useful in the number of products soldering or in the new fields in which robotics are becoming most valuable. professional experience and must adapt to the latest technical conditions in order to benefit from these technical innovations.

Vehicles can be used by sensors and navigating without any human help. so drivers will no longer be used. appliances and carriers if the delivery is distributed by drones in the future.

Intelligent weapon systems will fire without any human help having been made. In this time, current radio-controlled weapons like the drones used by some countries for armed forces must be from intelligent systems made with sensors that can help to select the target acquisition.

The development of agriculture has been driven by the desire to better handle soil water content or crop varieties, from farm-scale, down to field-scale, through to sub-field scale. The main aim is by using robotics and intelligence, giving the opportunity to develop a new range of flexible agricultural equipment to reduce and target work in more effective ways.

A major project, to make the international automotive industry also make it autonomous driving. The main goal is to develop a fully automated system that moves the vehicle on public streets and roads more safely, because the main cause of road traffic and accidents is excessive speed.

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection Issues

Machines can store large volumes of unstructured data from a variety of sources, generated by machines and humans. The stored volume of data has been increasing since the start of the internet.

The worldwide data volume is approximately 100 zettabytes. This huge amount of data is called big data. Stored data can be acquired from different sources during ‘surfing’ on the internet, during the use of cloud computing and social media . Maybe big data can be hacked.

Industry expects many new records, for example, staff and customers with regard to marketing, from the analysis of big data boost in productivity and at the same time labour costs decrease.

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